About This Blog

This blog forms part of a research project for a third year undergraduate module titled 'Northern Visual Culture', run by the University of Northumbria in Newcastle upon Tyne. The aim of the research project is to incorporate our third year module in to a larger community engagement project, being conducted by departments across the University, which seeks to invest research expertise in to the Shieldfield area of Newcastle.

The intention of the project has been to acknowledge the impact that the Universities own development has had on the area, which borders with and has developed across the boundaries of this small residential neighbourhood over the years.  Ultimately the project strives to work towards building stronger ties between the University and the community of Shieldfield.

As our research was developed in collaboration with staff in the department of Visual Arts, our project is concerned with exploring the visual history of the area and charting the changing face of Shieldfield both aesthetically and historically. Each student on the module has developed his/her own research topic, in order to attempt as broad a study as possible, but within a framwork that has enabled us to collaborate and develop our research as a group.

My chosen research area was the 60s redevelopment of Shieldfield. However, as the scale of the project developed it became apparent that the focus of my study may need to narrow.  Ultimately, I chose to focus on 'Triptych Towers' - a development of three 60s tower blocks (Individually named, Pandon Court, Lort House & King Charles' Tower) in the centre of the area. The flats were chosen, as they represent one of the earliest modern developments in the area and represent a starting point for the subsequent modernisation and change that has occurred within this community.

Any comments, suggestions and contributions are welcomed.