About Shieldfeld

Shieldfield is an area in Newcastle's east end and lies just outside of the city centre. On the map below you can see Shieldfield marked at its eastern boundary on Stoddart Street.

The areas boundaries are generally considered to fall within New Bridge Street to the south, the A167 motorway to the west and Sandyford Road to the north.

Also marked on the map you can see the location of Northumbria University, which lies on the western boundary of the area; although the University has been developed along this line southwards up to New Bridge Street and student residencies have been constructed along and within the western boundary. Recent developments have also incorporated a new bridge, which has created a further motorway crossing between shieldfield and the University Campus/city centre (further to two already existing crossings).

For an in depth discussion relating to Shieldfield's topographical development, please visit this linked blog, also created by a student on the Northern Visual Culture module: http://shieldfieldbordersandboundaries.blogspot.com/